WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations) | TGS-2019504802

Set organisational objectives and generate ideas for the preservation and potential evidence of market success. Build productive customer loyalty programmes with the vision of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Identify concerns and review service data impacting sales and consumer relationships. Study current business processes and suggest modifications in accordance with corporate priorities and procedures. This is an SSG-approved programme and participants may utilise their SkillsFuture credits for the course fees. Type of certification is a Diploma (WSQ Level 4).

The WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations) will enable students with the competence of the Retail Area Leader / Manager. Learners can not only deepen their analytical skills in issue recognition, service knowledge and outcomes to strengthen the practices of the company, but also service issues that allude to setting revenue goal management under their supervision for the chain of outlets. In addition to order fulfilment and consistent customer experience across all stores as the core duties of Area Manager/District Manager, learners upon completion of this diploma would have deepened their skills and improved their capacity to create market opportunities, execute organisational and service excellence plans. 

Retail Operations Diploma (Flyer/Banner Design)

 Module Mix Design and Sequence of the Retail Operations Diploma:  


Modules Title

 Critical Work Function

Key Tasks


Sales Target


Develop business opportunities

Research and analyse business opportunities

Idea Generation and Selection

Drive innovation and productivity aspirations

Lead and motivate team to contribute to productivity improvement and innovation


Customer Loyalty

Develop business opportunities

Drive sales performance within area/district



Information and


Drive service excellence

Analyse service quality and customer satisfaction



Deliver operation excellence

Integrate business continuity management into retail operations



Drive innovation productivity innovation

Evaluate potential ideas that may contribute to productivity and innovation




Manage team

Provide direction and guidance to team leaders


This Diploma consists of the following modules:

  1. Sales Target Management (Synchronous & Asynchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503373
  2. Idea Generation and Selection (Synchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503374
  3. Customer Loyalty (Synchronous & Asynchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503375
  4. Service Information and Results (Synchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503377
  5. Service Challenges (Synchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503379
  6. Problem Identification (Synchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503376
  7. Process Improvement (Synchronous e-learning) – TGS-2020503380

 Modules in the Retail Operations Diploma

All modules must be completed in sequence and minimum attendance is 75% to claim SQA.


Application Requirements:

  • Preferably at least ‘N’ levels or 2 years of relevant experience
  • Between 21 and 69 years old,
  • For applicants above 69 years old, he/she has to be:
      • Employed in a related industry and endorsed with a company recommendation letter.
      • Physically (and mentally) fit to manage the job requirements of the Retail or relevant industries.


 MCES, Enhanced Training Support for SMEs and other schemes are available for subsidised training.

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