Workfare Courses

Workfare Courses : Our WSQ Diploma courses are eligible for MCES (Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy) funding, and registered in the WSG (Workforce Singapore) system. Please ensure you have received the Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme eligibility letter.

Workfare Letter

Otherwise, call the WSS hotline at 1800 5368 333 to check your Workfare eligibility. Do take note that every Singapore Citizen will qualify for the SkillsFuture Qualification Award (SQA) upon completion of a WSQ full qualification even if they are not Workfare eligible; and unlike TCA, the SQA has no cap!
If you are Workfare Eligible

Under the WSS, you may receive Training Commitment Award (TCA) of up to $1000 for completing courses during your WSS eligibility period at the following support level:

  1. WSQ Full Qualification or academic CET full qualification: $500 per qualification
  2. Other courses: $100 per two courses



If you are Workfare Eligible, and your training is employer-sponsored

If your employer sponsors your training, your employer will be eligible for Absentee Payroll (AP) funding at up to 95% of your basic salary.


If you are Workfare Eligible, and your training is self-sponsored

    If you must pay for your own training, you may be eligible for Training Allowance (TA) at $6 per training hour, capped at 180 hours during your WSS eligibility period. Please note that TA is applicable ONLY to selected outcome-based courses by SSG-appointed CET centre and courses under the cleaning, security, landscape sectors.

More information is available at


 Currently, all courses/programmes (unless otherwise specified), are conducted via Home-Based Learning (HBL) using Zoom. Two devices will be required for HBL:
a) 1 mobile phone for Zoom access
b) 1 PC/Laptop to submit assessments.


WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management & Operations)

WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management and Operations)

💡How to create 💖Quality Events🏁 & get repeat customers in the Tourism Industry without spending too much ⌚time on each project?

Everything you need to know about 🐁MICE Industry Operations (to pump up your🐁 MICE Team and increase 💸revenue) is here!

A superb 16-day programme (with 📈UP TO 90% funding) that covers everything about 🐁MICE operations in the Tourism Industry. You will be rewarded with a WSQ 👨‍🎓Diploma in Tourism (Event Management & Operations) upon completion of these modules:

  1. ✔️Events Planning & Management
  2. ✔️Sponsorship Management
  3. ✔️Delegates & Participants Management
  4. ✔️Vendor Management
  5. ✔️Crowd Control & Planning
  6. ✔️Accident & Incident Response
  7. ✔️Strategies for Winning & Retaining Customers
  8. ✔️Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills



WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations)

WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations)


Build the operational and service skills essential to Take on the responsibilities of a retail manager

This course equips you with skills and knowledge to create and implement customer-centric business excellence and service innovation. You will evaluate current and emerging retail trends to engage the retail landscape.


  • Set operational goals and generate ideas to maintain and future proof business performance.
  • Develop effective customer loyalty programmes to attract potential and retain existing customers.
  • Identify problems and analyse service information that affects sales and customer relationship.
  • Evaluate existing business procedures and recommend improvements in alignment with organisational goals and procedures.

Breakdown of this Diploma Programme:

  • Sales Target Management
  • Idea Generation and Selection
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Service Information and Results
  • Service Challenges
  • Problem Identification
  • Process Improvement
  • ✔️Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills



WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management & Operations)

WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management and Operations)

Equips learners on how to apply essential knowledge & skills pertaining to executing the event from the venue perspective. Learners will deepen their skills in planning, managing, organising & coordinating of venue operations from venue handover to takeover & setup to teardown, resource allocation & management, equipment procurement & distribution; and the skills to ensure clientele satisfaction while maintaining the operating budget.

Contents of this Diploma Programme:

  • Module 1: Idea Generation and Selection
  • Module 2: Project Management
  • Module 3: Resource Management
  • Module 4: MICE Equipment Management and Venue Management
  • Module 5: Manpower Planning
  • Module 6: Workplace Safety and Health Performance
  • Module 7: Managing Stakeholder Expectations
  • Module 8:✔️Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills



 A Strategic Social Media MAsterclassA Strategic Social Media Masterclass 

Social Media Marketing Class Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills


Shopify-MasterclassThe Complete Shopify Masterclass