Workfare Courses

Our WSQ courses are eligible for MCES (Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy) funding, and registered in the WSG (Workforce Singapore) system. Ensure you have received the Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme eligibility letter.

Workfare Letter

Otherwise, call the WSS hotline at 1800-5368-333 to check your eligibility. Take note that every Singapore Citizen qualifies for the SkillsFuture Qualification Award (SQA) upon completion of a WSQ full qualification even if they are not Workfare eligible; and unlike TCA, the SQA has no cap!


If you are Workfare Eligible

Under the WSS, eligible individuals may receive Training Commitment Award (TCA) of up to $1000 for completing courses during your WSS eligibility period at the following support level:

  1. WSQ Full Qualification or academic CET full qualification: $500 per qualification
  2. Other courses: $100 per two courses



If you are Workfare Eligible, and your training is employer-sponsored

If your employer sponsors your training, your employer will be eligible for Absentee Payroll (AP) funding at up to 95% of your basic salary if you complete and pass the courses. Please check the eligibility of your training course and with your training provider for detailed course fee funding.




If you are Workfare Eligible, and your training is self-sponsored

  If you must pay for your own training, you may be eligible for Training Allowance (TA) at $6 per training hour, capped at 180 hours during your WSS eligibility period if you complete and pass the training. Please note that TA is applicable ONLY to selected outcome-based courses by SSG-appointed CET centres and courses under the cleaning, security, landscape sectors.

Self-Employed Persons need only make one trip to any of their choice of WSG's Careers Connect or (Employment and Employability Institute) NTUC's e2i centres within 120 days after the course end date, to apply and submit the claim application. More information on Training Allowance is available at,, SkillsFuture Singapore SSG Workforce.


 Currently, all qualifying courses/programmes (unless otherwise specified), are conducted via Home-Based Learning (HBL) using Zoom. Two devices will be required for HBL:

a) 1 mobile phone for Zoom access

b) 1 Computer/Laptop to submit assessments.


WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management & Operations)

WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management and Operations) | TGS-2019503915

💡How to create 💖Quality Events🏁 & get repeat customers in the Tourism Industry without spending too much ⌚time on each project?

Everything you need to know about 🐁MICE Industry Operations (to pump up your🐁 MICE Team and increase 💸revenue) is here!

  1. A superb 16-day programme (with 📈UP TO 90% funding) that covers everything about 🐁MICE operations in the Tourism Industry. You will be rewarded with a WSQ 👨‍🎓Diploma in Tourism (Event Management & Operations)!





 Flyer for WSQ Retail Operations Diploma

WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations) | TGS-2019504802

Build the operational and service skills essential to Take on the responsibilities of a retail manager

This course equips you with skills and knowledge to create and implement customer-centric business excellence and service innovation. You will evaluate current and emerging retail trends to engage the retail landscape.


  • Set operational goals and generate ideas to maintain and future proof business performance.
  • Develop effective customer loyalty programmes to attract potential and retain existing customers.
  • Identify problems and analyse service information that affects sales and customer relationship.
  • Evaluate existing business procedures and recommend improvements in alignment with organisational goals and procedures.




WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management & Operations)

WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management and Operations) | TGS-2020504632

Equips learners on how to apply essential knowledge & skills pertaining to executing the event from the venue perspective. Learners will deepen their skills in planning, managing, organising & coordinating of venue operations from venue handover to takeover & setup to teardown, resource allocation & management, equipment procurement & distribution; and the skills to ensure clientele satisfaction while maintaining the operating budget.



 A Strategic Social Media MAsterclassStrategic Social Media Masterclass | TGS-2020504304

Social Media Marketing Class Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills | TGS-2020504151


Shopify-MasterclassThe Complete Shopify Masterclass ( TGS-2020505776 and TGS-2020504596)

Flyer for WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce

WSQ Diploma in Retail (E-Commerce (Omni-Channel)) | TGS-2020504646

Gain the managerial and supervisory skills to optimise E-commerce operations and sales. Develop and optimise e-commerce operations through productivity and innovative initiatives. Identify business opportunities, both locally and internationally through e-commerce channels. Develop digital sales campaign and marketing plans on different digital platforms. Promote your brand portfolio and maximise revenue from online sales. Oversee operation of order fulfilment and returns processing as well as ensure business continuity. Managing technology and environmental crises that may affect e-commerce operations through enablement and maintenance.

  1. ✔️Productivity and Innovation Strategy
  2. ✔️Business Opportunities Development
  3. ✔️Brand Portfolio Management
  4. ✔️E-Commerce Campaign Management
  5. ✔️Social Media Marketing
  6. ✔️Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing
  7. ✔️Crisis Management


How do you get a workfare letter?

This letter needs no application as long as individuals are considered Low Wage Workers (LWW) and receiving Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) payouts. To receive WIS, you must meet the following:

Be a Singaporean at least 35 years of age, earn an average gross monthly income of not more than $2300 for the past 12 months. In addition, the annual value of your property must not exceed $13,000, and you cannot own multiple properties (even if you are married). If you have a spouse, the spouse's assessable income cannot exceed $70,000 (for the preceding year of assessment), plus you must own less than two properties. For Self-Employed Persons, you must declare your net trade income and make Medisave contributions. For persons with disabilities, you must be at least 13 years old.

Who is eligible for WSQ? 

Most people can apply and study for Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certification. However, only Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents qualify for funding. Singaporeans have the added benefit of using and receiving SkillsFuture Singapore SSG credits for WSQ courses, apply for Training Allowance and Workforce Singapore WSG employment benefits if they are not barred from receiving SkillsFuture. Please check with SSG Workforce Singapore WSG for more details and courses.


How do I claim Workfare in Singapore? 

There is no need to do any WSS or WIS claims as long as your average gross monthly income is not more than $2300, plus you fulfil all other criteria, you are eligible. Eligible workfare recipients will receive their monthly WIS (Workfare Income Supplement) payouts via their bank accounts or cheque. The same goes for TCA (Training Commitment Award). Only SQA (SkillsFuture Qualification Award) and Training Allowance (TA) need application after completion of courses. For SQA, apply online. You can visit Employment and Employability Institute for TA, provided you pass the course.


How do I apply for a Workfare Training Support Scheme?

The Workfare Training Support (WTS) is now known as Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme. There is no need to apply, you will receive the WSS letter if you meet eligibility requirements and receive TCA Training Commitment Award for undergoing sustained training under the SkillsFuture Singapore WSQ system. For SQA and Training Allowance, you need to apply.