Vendor Management | TGS-2019503288

This SkillsFuture approved module consists of a technical skills competency (TSC) unit, Vendor Management, a 16-hour course delivered within a span of 2 days with 14.5 hours of training and 1.5 hours of assessment. 

Vendor Management Statement of Attainment

Attain the knowledge and skills in building and managing vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, contract execution and operations adhere to the organisation’s standard operating practices in safety, security and compliance standards.

At the end of the course, learners will gain fundamental knowledge and practical skills in sustaining vendor relationships and managing vendor performance. Participants are expected to acquire the abilities and knowledge in Vendor Management at the work place. These include:  

  • Methods of evaluating vendor relationships
  • Contract management
  • Techniques for managing non-conformance in service delivery
  • Implications of contractual issues on the organization



Instructional Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Group Activities
  • Presentation
  • Case Study


Course Duration

Training Hours:

Assessment Hours:

Total Hours:





TSC Title

Vendor Management

TSC Code








Introduction to Events


Introduction to Vendor Management




Learning Unit 1: Evaluating the Vendor Relationship

Introduction to Evaluating the Vendor Relationship

Vendor by Category in Events

Building & Sustaining the Vendor Interaction and Relationship

Vendor Relationship Management

Strengthen the Vendor Relationship

Best Practice in Vendor Relationship

Group Activity 1 : Vendor Relationship



Learning Unit 2: Develop the Vendor Selection Criteria

Introduction to Developing the Vendor Selection Criteria

Vendor Selection Process

Group Activity 2: Vendor Selection



Learning Unit 3: Negotiating with Vendors

Introduction to Negotiating with Vendors

Negotiation Variables

Principles of Negotiation

Potential Negotiation Outcomes

Group Activity 3: Vendor Negotiation



Learning Unit 4: Impacts of Vendor Non-Conformance

Introduction to Impacts of Vendor Non-Conformance

Contract Management

Review and Control — Administration

Changes/ Claims

Breach of Contract

Contract Finalisation - Closure

Group Activity 4: Vendor Contract Management



Learning Unit 5: Resolve Operational Performance Issues

Introduction to resolving operational issues

Handling Customer Complaints

Identify, Document and Contain Non-Conformance

Root Cause Analysis

Corrective Actions to Take

Preventive Actions to Stop Reoccurrence

Rectify and Close Non-Conformance

Group Activity 5: Vendor Non-Conformance



Learning Unit 6: Monitor and Evaluate Vendors

Method to Evaluate Performance of Vendors

Establishing the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Analysing Areas of Improvement

Communicating the Area of Improvement


APPENDIX 1: Event Management Checklist


Instructions to Candidate




Applicants are allowed to use SkillsFuture credit for the course fee payment. Learners who are 40 years of age and above are eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES), and are entitled to 90% funding.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can qualify for funding under the ETSS.

Absentee Payroll Funding for SMEs / Non-SMEs is available.

This module is part of the WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management and Operations)



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