Training Commitment Award

The Training Commitment Award (TCA) is a cash incentive which serves to motivate and reward individuals for undergoing sustained training.
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In the OLD scheme, receive $200 per achievement, up to $400 per calendar year.
If you achieve any of the following:
  • Two WSQ Statements of Attainment (SOA) attained within a 12-month period
  • One WSQ qualification
  • One academic CET Modular Certificate or Post-Diploma Certificate
  • One academic CET qualification
  • One qualification under Certifiable Courses accredited or supported by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

  Screenshot of Workfare webpage showing TCA
With Effect from 1st July 2020
Training Commitment Award (TCA) 4
To encourage sustained, productive training, TCA is a cash award given to eligible workers after achieving the required certifications:

a) $100 per 2 achievements of any of the following, capped at $200 during the trainee’s WSS Eligibility period:

  • ¬†WSQ Statement of Attainment¬†
  • Academic CET Modular Certificate or Post-Diploma Certificate¬†
  • Certifiable courses supported by SSG ¬† ¬†


b) $500* for achieving one WSQ or Academic CET  FULL Qualification.  
 TCA for self-employed person
There will be an overall TCA cap of $1,000 for the validity period stated in the Workfare Skills Support (WSS) letter. Only certifiable courses listed on the MySkillsFuture portal would qualify for TCA. The completion of the courses must be attained within the WSS eligibility period stated in the WSS letter.  
Individuals who receive a WSS (Workfare Skills Support) letter are eligible for TCA if they achieve the above listed qualifications. No application is required. Individuals will be notified of their TCA payment via SMS and/or letter from CPF Board.
Only Courses that are registered in WORKFORCE SINGAPORE (WSG) system will be eligible for TCA. Please check with training providers for more details.


TCA will be paid automatically along with the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) payments if the eligibility criteria for TCA is fulfilled. It may take 1 to 3 months to receive the payment.

For self-employed, payment for the TCA will be made in May of the following year.


[4 Other terms and conditions apply i.e.
  • employers and individuals must not be barred from receiving government funding,
  • passed the course,
  • achieved at least 75% attendance.
* Individual who is awarded $200 for achievement listed in a) and $500 for a 1st full qualification in b) will receive $300 for 2nd full qualification as TCA is capped at $1,000]

 TCA Eligible Courses