The Complete Shopify Masterclass - WSQ Training | TGS-2020505776

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform for anyone to sell products online. For merchants, they can sell their products in person with Shopify POS (point-of-sale).  

Shopify has maintained a high uptime, which makes it exceptionally reliable as a platform.  

This course will provide learners with a hands-on experience in setting up a fully functional e-commerce store on Shopify and using drop shipping as a business model to monetise your website.

Shopify Masterclass WSQ Statement of Attainment

Graduates of the 2-Day Shopify Course


Instructional Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Group Activities
  • Presentation
  • Case Study


Course Duration

Training Hours


Assessment Hours


Total Hours



Course Objectives

The Complete Shopify Masterclass is a 16-hour course delivered within a span of 2 days with 15 hours of training, 1 hour of assessment. On completion of this course, participants will have the abilities and knowledge in TSC (Technical Skills and Competencies) at the workplace. These include:

TSC Code: RET-DIO-4003-1.1


A1 – Determine the technical and user experience requirements of a dynamic website to prepare an overall site design

A2 – Provide guidelines to brand strategy and requirements for website design in alignment with objectives and guidelines

A3 – Communicate the design plans and requirements to relevant personnel to facilitate website development

A4 – Evaluate website to ensure that it meets technical and user experience requirements

A5 – Establish metrics based on customer experience, loading time, processing time for payments

A6 – Establish location of digital space for brand and marketing campaign and/or activities, communication messages, product, or promotion categories

A7 – Establish implementation plans in alignment with marketing, brand, and ecommerce campaigns

A8 – Establish schedules and processes for maintenance of website content


K1 – Elements of user experience such as visual design, optimisation of images and usability which influence technical requirements of a website

K2 – Technical processes which enable dynamic functionalities of a website

K3 – Legal implications pertaining to the rightful use of third-party digital media assets


Learning Outcomes

Gain Knowledge and applications skills required to understand the fundamental core principles of Facebook marketing as well as the step-by-step process to start, run and grow the online store platform.

Review strategic purpose, expectations, and functionalities of websites. Analyse the user-interface design requirements.

Able to setup the ecommerce platform, assemble a fully functional Shopify store and understand drop shipping best practices.  


Learning Unit 1: Key Components of Shopify Store Configuration

·         Getting Started on Shopify

·         Setting Up Products

·         Managing Orders

·         Payment and Shipping

Learning Unit 2: Legal Guidelines and Requirements for Web Design

·         Copyright and Intellectual Property Consideration

·         Customising Theme and Website Design


Learning Unit 3: Align and Develop Implementation Plans According to Marketing Activities

·         Marketing and Performance

Learning Unit 4: Evaluate Website to Establish Metrics on Technical and User Experience

·         Understanding Website Metrics and Data



Participants may use SkillsFuture Credits for this course. MCESEnhanced Training Support for SMEs and other schemes are available for applicants.

 Free Lunch provided by halal-certified caterer

Free lunch for participants (and trainer)! 

FREE food and drinks provided for shopify course participants during coffee break

(Free) food and drinks provided for coffee break!