Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing | CRS-Q-0042081-RET


WSQ Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing is a 16-hour SkillsFuture-approved course delivered within a span of 2 days with 14 hours of training and 2 hours of assessment. 

WSQ Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing SOA

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants are expected to have the abilities and knowledge in Technical Skills and Competencies (TSC) at the workplace. These include:

Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing (RET-SCL-4002-1.1)



AB1. Develop order fulfilment processes for store collection, local and overseas


AB2. Oversee the order fulfilment processes


AB3. Ensure order fulfilment is processed in accordance with the organisation’s service standards


AB4. Management of third-party logistic partners and delivery activities


AB5. Develop processes for the re-ordering of stocks with internal stakeholders


AB6. Review performance of third-party logistic partners and last mile delivery efficiencies against organisation’s business strategies



KN1. Supply chain management policies and processes


KN2. Warehouse operations


KN3. Types of order fulfilment technologies


KN4. Processes for order tracking


KN5. Inventory management


KN6. Regulations pertaining to custom duties and taxation


KN7. Requirements of import and/or export activities


KN8. Procedures for order entries, administration, and shipping


KN9. Types of order tracking processes



Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to equip the learners with the skills and knowledge in supporting the performance of the critical work functions and tasks in order fulfilment and returns processing within the supply chain management / logistics industry.

Instructional Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Group Activities
  • Presentation
  • Case Study



Course Duration

Training Hours


Assessment Hours


Total Hours




·         Version:  1.0

·         Effective Date: 23 Nov 2020

·         Author: Albert Phua C.Y.

Learning Unit / LU



Course Overview

LU 1

Introduction to Supply Chain Management Strategy and Processes


Introduction to Supply Chain Management


Key Supply Chain Entities


Supply Chain Competitive Advantage

LU 2

Manage Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management Process


Introduction to Warehouse Management


Warehouse Planning and Functionality


Managing Warehouse Operations


Warehouse Materials and Inventory Management

LU 3

Manage Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing


Influencing the Order – Customer Relationship Management


Order / Customer Fulfilment Models


Order Fulfilment Operations and Returns Processing – Internal In-House Operations


Order Fulfilment Operations and Returns Processing – External Outsourcing and E-Commerce Order Fulfilment Process


Order Fulfilment Administration, Shipping and Delivery

LU 4

Engage and Monitor Transportation, Import and/or Export Customs Activities


Basic Transport / Distribution Overview


Managing Logistics Service Providers + Returns / Reverse Logistics


International Shipping Regulations [Incoterms]


Candidates will be assessed for knowledge and skills acquired in this module. They are required to complete Written and Case Study Assessments individually and answer all questions correctly to be certified competent as per assessment checklist. Oral inquiry will be used should there be insufficient evidence of competency.


This physical Classroom-Based Learning module is part of the WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce (Omni-Channel).



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