E-Commerce Campaign Masterclass | TGS-2020513145

WSQ E-Commerce Campaign Masterclass is an SSG-approved course delivered within a span of 3 days. Total hours of training are 24. SkillsFuture credits may be used to enrol.


In this digital age, the availability of plug-and-play e-commerce platforms to leverage on such as Shopify and BigCommerce and a wide choice of traffic acquisition platforms such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, search engines & email campaigns to attract visitors to your sales funnel and create conversions through secured transactions online, starting an e-commerce business is more streamlined. But without sufficient knowledge and skills in maintaining an e-commerce business, one has a lower chance of survival.

This Masterclass is designed to bridge the knowledge gap and accelerate your ecommerce campaigns by showing you how to secure online sales traffic, create engaging video content messaging, and use multi-pronged tactics to drive measurable sales traffic to your ecommerce store or website! This 3-Day Masterclass is ideal for both corporates and individuals who want to increase their ecommerce sales traffic and develop their online businesses to greater heights.


Learning Unit 1: Online Strategies and Activities

Learning Unit 2: Mobile, Online and Social Media

Learning Unit 3: Pre-campaign Testing and Marketing Campaign

Learning Unit 4: Online Campaign Effectiveness

Learning Unit 5: Relevant Business Partners


Key Learning Outcomes:

Understand e-Commerce strategies and campaign management tactics.

Strategies to manage e-commerce campaigns on multiple platforms for a seamless customer experience.

To produce desired outcomes, use effective methods to handle campaign execution.

Best methods of campaign refinement to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Using effective assessment tools and processes, such as Google Analytics.

Collaborate with relevant business partners to build online sales opportunities and enhancements.


MCES, Enhanced Training Support for SMEs and other schemes are available for subsidised training. Minimum attendance requirement is 75%.