WSQ Diploma in Retail (E-Commerce (Omni-Channel)) | TGS-2020504646

This 14-Day SSG-approved Diploma programme enables learners to build up managerial and supervisory skills in a retail environment with the goal of optimising e-commerce operations and sales. Applicants may use SkillsFuture credit for enrolment. Type of certification is a Diploma (WSQ Level 4). 

WSQ Diploma in Retail e-Commerce (Omni-Channel)

Acquire the skills and discipline to continually improve efficiency of e-commerce operations through productivity and innovation strategies. Develop the possibility of expanding an organisation’s business beyond local frontiers by reviewing online sales data.

Analyse campaigns and marketing plans across multiple channels and platforms to effectively manage the brand portfolio and thus ensuring growing revenues from online sales. Corroborate the uninterrupted operations of order fulfilment in supply chain management as well as define business continuity plans to sustain operations in crisis situations. 

This Diploma consists of 7 core modules. Each module is a 2-Day course with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) awarded for competency at the end of every module. To receive the Diploma (and SQA), learners must complete Modules 1 to 7 in sequence and be certified competent.


Entry Requirements:

  • Preferably at least N levels or 2 years of relevant experience
    • Between 21 and 69¬†years old,
    • For applicants above¬†69¬†years old, he/she needs to be:
      • Employed in a related industry and endorsed with a company recommendation letter.
      • Physically (and mentally) fit to manage job requirements of the Retail industry.


To be conferred the WSQ Diploma, participants must achieve at least 75% attendance and be certified competent in all the modules. All modules must be completed sequentially from 1 to 7: 

Transcript for WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce (Omni-Channel) 

1. Productivity and Innovation Strategy (TGS-2020513303)

2. Business Opportunities Development (TGS-2020513304)

3. Brand Portfolio Management (TGS-2020513305)

4. E-Commerce Campaign Management (TGS-2020513306)

5. Social Media Marketing(TGS-2020513307)

6. Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing (TGS-2020513308)

7. Crisis Management (TGS-2020513309) 

Schedule for Omnichannel Retail Diploma

This is a physical Classroom-Based Learning Diploma programme (but e-learning version is coming soon).


 MCES, Enhanced Training Support for SMEs and other schemes are available for subsidised training. 

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