Continuing Education and Training (CET)

Under SkillsFuture, Singapore will develop an integrated, high-quality system of education and training that responds to constantly evolving industry needs, as well as foster a culture that supports lifelong learning.

CET will enable working adults, regardless of their starting qualifications, to continue to build and deepen their skills and competencies, throughout their careers.


The new Masterplan has three key areas of focus:

  1. Building deep expertise in the Singapore workforce, with increased involvement by employers in building and valuing skills.
  2. Enabling individuals to make informed learning and career choices through the improved delivery of education, training and career guidance.
  3. Developing a vibrant CET ecosystem with a wide range of high-quality learning opportunities.


 Increased Involvement by Employers in Building and Valuing Skills

The government will continue to work closely with employers and other key stakeholders to build and value the skills acquired by individuals. This collaborative effort will enable individuals to deepen their professional competencies, and advance in their careers based on the skills they gain.


What is the Continuing Education and Training (CET) Masterplan?

The Continuing Education and Training (CET) Masterplan is a comprehensive plan to prepare Singaporean workers for the future and develop a source of competitive advantage for Singapore. It marks a significant milestone in the development of CET in Singapore.    

The Singapore CET system will be:  

  • For employers – to enhance quality and productivity by helping their workers acquire industry relevant skills and stay ahead of industry developments;  
  • For all Singaporeans – the education and CET systems form a lifelong learning system to help workers find their niches, seize opportunities in new growth areas and remain relevant.  CET is accessible, affordable and adds value to the careers of Singaporeans, including rank and file workers, and professionals and managers. 



Why is the Government investing in the CET Masterplan?

The CET Masterplan will prepare Singaporean workers and industry for 2 important shifts:  

  • The workforce of the future – nearly 60% of our resident workforce will have at least a diploma qualification by 2020, compared to 36% in 2007.  
  • Emerging and growth industries – to equip Singaporeans with the skills for job opportunities in new growth industries, whether they are preparing for new jobs, switching careers or acquiring new skills for their jobs.  

To support the CET Masterplan, the Government will top up the Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund by $800 million in FY08 to $3 billion, and eventually to $5 billion.  



What can Singaporeans expect from the CET Masterplan?

  • First-Class Providers. The CET system will involve the best private and public providers, including NTUC, the polytechnics, ITE and best-in-class overseas providers.  
  • 10 New CET Centres in growth areas - aerospace, precision engineering, process manufacturing (chemicals/petrochemicals, engineering services, biologics, pharmaceuticals, environmental technology), portable manufacturing skills, service professionals, logistics and supply chain management, allied healthcare, community and social services, workplace safety and health, and adult training.  
  • Existing CET Centres will be expanded to meet demand in growth sectors such as finance, information and communications technology (ICT), tourism and hospitality and digital media.    
  • Training capacity will quadruple from 22,000 workers today to 80,000 workers by 2010. This is roughly equivalent to ITE’s current training capacity.  
  • New Institute for Adult Learning to develop trainer capability and conduct applied research into adult training, for enhanced training quality and effectiveness.  
  • Better integration of CET and education systems, and tripartite outreach to all workers. 


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