WSQ Business Opportunities Development | CRS-Q-0042077-RET

Course Overview

Business Opportunities Development is a SkillsFuture-approved course delivered within a span of 2 days with 14 hours of training and 2 hours of assessment. 

WSQ Business Opportunities Development SOA

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants are expected to have the abilities and knowledge in Technical Skills and Competencies (TSC) at the workplace. These include:

TSC: RET-PNI-4002-1.1



AB1. Extract information from reliable sources to analyse market potential of viable areas for investment


AB2. Conduct environmental scans to identify internal and external factors that impact achievement of organisational objectives


AB3. Conduct customer needs analysis to determine market demand


AB4. Identify and evaluate business opportunities to find viable options in consultation with management




KN1. Factors to be considered when developing new business opportunities


KN2. Information sources to gather useful information


KN3. Market potential analysis


KN4. Customer needs analysis


KN5. Processes for conducting customer needs analysis


KN6. Criteria for evaluating business opportunities for development


Course Outline

This unit covers knowledge and application skills in capitalising on local and international business opportunities to create value to customers continuously and evaluate, identify, and analyse business opportunities that are commercially viable.

It covers the following:

  • Identify necessary sources of information
  • Extract applicable information
  • Conduct customer needs analyses
  • Monitor environmental landscapes to source viable business options


Instructional Methodology

  • Case Study
  • Classroom Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Activity / Presentation
  • Lecture / Concept Presentation


Course Duration

Training Hours

14 (Classroom)

Assessment Hours


Total Hours



·         Version: 1.0

·         Effective Date: 23 Nov 2020

·         Author: SCCIOB

Course Contents

Introduction to Business Opportunities Development

LU 1. Analyse Market Potentials

LU 1.1. Information Gathering for Market Analysis

LU 2. Conduct Customer Needs Analysis

LU 2.1. Process of Conducting Customer Needs to Determine Market Demand

LU 3. Conduct Environmental Scans

LU 3.1 Factors to Consider when Developing Business Opportunities

LU 3.2. Environmental Scans

LU 4. Evaluate Business Opportunities

LU 4.1. Evaluating Business Opportunities


Candidates will be assessed for knowledge and skills acquired in this module. As part of the assessment, each candidate is required to complete a Written Assessment and a Case Study Assessment. All assessments must be completed individually. Candidates will be considered competent when all learning outcomes / evidence are fulfilled as per assessment checklist.

Written Assessment

  • Summative, open-book assessment
  • Duration is 45 minutes
  • Candidate will be considered competent if he / she is able to answer all questions correctly based on: AB2, KN2, KN3, KN4, KN5.
  • Oral inquiry to be used should there be insufficient evidence of competency.


Case Study Assessment

  • Summative, open-book assessment
  • Duration is 75 minutes
  • Candidate will be considered competent if he / she is able to answer all questions correctly based on: AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4, KN1, KN6.
  • Oral inquiry to be used should there be insufficient evidence of competency.


This physical Classroom-Based Learning module is part of the WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce (Omni-Channel). 





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