Tips for a Successful Facebook Live

 How to do a proper setup for Facebook Live? We’re using some equipment and backdrop to create an interesting selling experience for yourself as well as for your users.


Get an Assistant

When doing a successful Facebook Live, you cannot be a one-man show; you need an assistant! In this case, I have someone to help me with the commenting, replying and handling of payments.

An assistant is very useful in Facebook Live because you are on the screen. It’s not so convenient to adjust your equipment while you are live! Think of an assistant as your command centre.

The assistant is within reach of your LED lights so she can re-position it for you; or if you want to adjust your audio, everything is within reach of your assistant.

All of these are outside the view of your viewers! So the viewers can only see the presenter, while the “behind the scenes” are actually operated by your assistant.



There’s something many Facebook sellers overlook when doing a Facebook live. A single most important thing is the backdrop. When you’re doing your presentation, when you’re selling, the other thing that stands out is your background! Your logo must be clearly seen, or if you have a contact number, it has to be clearly seen. So where you stand against your backdrop is actually very important!



The next very important thing in Facebook Live is none other than the lighting. For our setup here, we have a ring light. And the phone which is facing the front is actually behind the ring light, so that the exposure will be very natural and there won’t be any “blown out area” on your face.



The next important thing is actually the audio. I know that a lot of online sellers do not really bother and just use their direct voice audio source from their phones. That is actually not helping. I believe you have seen durian sellers, fish hawkers selling things on Facebook and you cannot hear them clearly because of their background noise. So you need to use a mic! In this case, I have a noise cancellation mic. And this is very good because you can connect directly to your phone (if you’re using your phone for Facebook Live) or you can connect this to your desktop if you’re using your desktop to do a live video.



So today I have shown you guys how to do a basic Facebook Live setup by using equipment like LED light, a desktop mic, backdrop and having someone to help you to manage the transactions and reply to comments.

By having this simple setup, it will ensure a smoother delivery of the pitch of your sales/promotion as well as providing a very good experience for your viewers. Because they can see you clearly with your light, they can hear you clearly with the mic, and your branding will just create and complete the whole selling experience for yourself as well as for your users!

Thanks to the presentation by Allan from SMTC. 


The above is an e-Learning topic in the WSQ Social Media Marketing Course!