Learning is a Lifelong Journey

  • Unmanned Convenience Store

    From schools and neighbourhoods to industrial estates, the aim is to make unmanned convenience stores a norm in these places. Shoppers simply scan their palms on a biometric reader to enter the store and shop. Upon checkout, a Radio-Frequency identification (RFID) system detects their items and automatically generates a price list.
  • How Amazon Returns Work

    There’s also a market of third-party companies that buy returns in bulk, repackage them, sometimes with added accessories, and resell them for a profit. So you can go to some of these third-party companies and buy things that have been returned, kind of almost like a salvage process. And the really fascinating thing is some of that ends up back on the Amazon marketplace!

  • Shostack Service Blueprint – LMS E-learning Assignment

    Service blueprinting is a method for examining how a current service operates or envisioning a future service. The idea was first introduced by G....
  • Enhanced Workplace Risk Management

    What is Risk Management (RM) and why is it important in the workplace? Risk Management is an important tool to identify hazards, assess risk, and ...
  • DiT-Ven L4 Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Performance Management

    Synopsis: The 60 minutes LMS e-Learning activity comprises 1 video (5'09"), 2 short answer questions and 12 multiple choice questions to be complet...
  • Image Optimisation Tips

    The selected image should be contextually related and relevant to your topic because if the image and the text content matches, your visitors are more likely to stay longer; and this helps to reduce your bounce rate, which in turn helps you get more conversions.

    Remember not to simply “steal” images from Google Images because they may be subject to copyright. To download free photos, try “https://unsplash.com” where you can freely use their images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • A Guide to Facebook Advertising

    If we work backwards, assuming 1% CTR, we need to send 800 visitors to our website every single day at a Conversion Rate (CR) of 1% to achieve 8 conversions or 8 sales per day. Hypothetically, at $10 CPM, each Cost Per Click is $1 – meaning we need 800 clicks to result in 8 sales per day. That works out to $800 per day just to help Facebook with its learning!

    It really depends on your product or service and your profit margin.
  • Tips for a Successful Facebook Live

    How to do a basic Facebook Live setup by using equipment like LED light, a desktop mic, backdrop and having someone to help you to manage the transactions and reply to comments.

    By having this simple setup, it will ensure a smoother delivery of the pitch of your sales/promotion as well as providing a very good experience for your viewers. Because they can see you clearly with your light, they can hear you clearly with the mic, and your branding will just create and complete the whole selling experience for yourself as well as for your users!